Sunday, July 26, 2009

Raison D'Etre

There should be a place...

Where I can write about things that are not connected to the job or to the Lighthouse.  This will be that place for anyone who cares to follow along.  

I took a look at Facebook this weekend to see if that would do the trick and ran into the issue of the students requesting connections.  Not at all what I want to do.  It also seemed like a ton of work to manage all the information that kept popping up on the page.

Here is where I can put down the sports stuff, the music stuff, the movie stuff, the book stuff and anything else that occurs to me without the overwhelming side of so many voices and so much happening simultaneously.  This format suits me  and will let me separate out the cultural ideas from the domestic events of the Point.  

There should be a place.  And now there is.

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